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Multi-Stores,audiences,custom domains,smart campaign,Get 2k peoples&2k msgs /mo.


Real free

Not "free" like a limited trial or demo. Access 100% features. (No credit card required.) Get 2,000 emails & 2000 contacts free each month.

Unlimited audiences & domains

Unlimited domains, html templates, custom senders and audiences, use unlimited data to personalize product recommendations .

Smart campaign scheduling

Scheduling multiple campaigns based on national local time, activate customer repurchase and renewal, track the traffic in realtime.

About mailcamps

With Mailcamps Email you can:

All in one platform

  • Manage multiple stores or platforms in one dashboard.

    Unlimited domains

  • Send emails from your domain with little setup, make your brand look more professional.

Personalize sender

  • Personalize your sender and subject line, preview and body text with customers information for a more engaging experience.

Unlimited HTML templates

  • Reuse your existing HTML templates without having to design an embarrassing template online.

Unlimited audiences

  • Easily create new audiences to reuse your existing contact list, existing tags.

    Personalization and targeting

  • Send targeted emails to your subscribers in just a few clicks.
  • Use unlimited data to personalize product recommendations and dynamic content with endless possibilities.

Multiple campaigns scheduling based on national local time

  • Use campaign tools to activate customer repurchase and renewal, and track the effect in the whole process.
  • According to your customer's country, use the customer's local time to schedule and continuously add A/B tests.
  • The built-in AI algorithm can intelligently plan the sending speed and quantity, maximize the touch effect and improve your domain name reputation.
  • Default rules can help you avoid sending duplicate messages, check abnormal recipients and unsubscribers...

Real time data dashboard

  • Such as what kind of client your audience uses, favorite links to click, the most active countries, and real-time sending status.


  • Get 2,000 emails and 2,000 contacts free each month.
Multi ad parallel scheduling, smart dispatch of frequency & qty.Deeply customize localization campaigns  based on different tagsAll In One, store based audiences, support multi platform.Real time  data synchronization diagnosis.Unlimited fields without any mapping to synchronize contacts.Real time tracking of interactions between users and campaigns.
Multi ad parallel scheduling, smart dispatch of frequency & qty.

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